The will help your business become more successful.

We would like to present to you an interesting and promising project that our team is currently working on – Schedulio

The project’s theme is appointment booking with various professionals from different fields of activity. At the initial stage, we have selected the beauty industry, medical entrepreneurship, and sports and wellness business. In the future, the market coverage will expand.

The relevance of the project lies in the challenges related to finding, booking, and managing services for both businesses and consumers. The main needs of our users are as follows:
1) Consumers – finding qualified professionals, scheduling appointments at suitable times, making smart financial investments in themselves, having a convenient environment for regular bookings and creating a template for business appointments.
2) Businesses – expanding their customer base, streamlining customer interactions.

Currently, there is no product capable of solving the aforementioned tasks. Globally, there is no competition on the world stage. Our format provides a marketplace that allows users to compare prices, assess the qualifications of professionals, rely on ratings and reviews from other consumers, create their own schedule, and book services with just a few clicks. Businesses will no longer have to deal with the headache of coordinating appointments, cancellations, rescheduling, maintaining appointment logs, and more. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to promote themselves, their employees, and attract new clients.

The implementation of the product is planned in Israel, UAE, Norway, and the USA. A large-scale launch will enable us to gather user feedback in a short period, identify necessary improvements, address feedback, and make adjustments to enhance the product.

The platforms include Android, iOS, and a web version of the application. The development has been conducted independently for 5 months. The MVP launch is expected in one month.

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